Become one of our A&R managers!
This is the job you always dreamed of
so start today!
Discover new artists and compile their tracks on compilation albums.
You are in charge of the product: the branding, style, genre
and which songs will be compiled - it's all up to you!
We have already licensed all music for you.
So no difficult deals with artists / managers and labels.
We distribute the compilations for you.
You get 10% from all revenue. Detailed sales and
stream overviews are available every 6 months.
Justin J (A&R manager at Compigram)

"It's great to discover all these new artists and compile
them on great new products. Just the way I want to!

The revenues of the compilations I made are so
amazing that I quit my day job."
You are an obsessive music lover and understander.
You know your favorite genres well enough that your ears,
not pop culture, can tell you what is good.
You are a designer. You can create or have someone else
create good album cover artwork.
You are willing to commit for a long period of time.
Ideal candidate
Join. Sell. Earn.